Our Heroes Who Made
an Impact!

These Landowners Sold Their
Land to Us

We are happy to recognize our partners who made a difference for America’s military families. By working with us, they chose to make an impact by either reducing military family food insecurity, assisting military families in times of crisis, and helping former members of the military who have sacrificed their health and well being. We dedicate this page as a celebration for those who chose to sell their land in support of our mission.

Land for Heroes - Thank you Eddie Martinez - Military Family Advisory Network

Land for Heroes - Partner Celebration! - Military Family Advisory Network

Thank you David Bisset for making an Impact - Operation Homefront

Thank you Gayten Verge for helping out soldiers - Wounded Warrior Project

Thank you Dennis and Kristine Jennings - Wounded Warrior Project

Thank you Harris family - Tunnel to Towers Foundation

Thank you Susan C. for helping out America's Wounded Warriors.

Thank you Angela and Leland K. for helping out America's Wounded Warriors

Thank you again Eddie M. - Wounded Warrior Project

Thank you to Richard M. and Helen K. - Tunnel to Towers

Thank you to Steven R. and Joseph M. - Tunnel to Towers

Partner Celebration - Thank you Norma W. - Military Family Advisory Network

Partner Donation - Thank you Richard G. - Operation Home Front.

Thank you Slyvia H. for helping America's Heroes!

Thank you Randi C. for making a big impact on our Heroes!

Thank you Lyndon and Jewell E. for making a huge impact to help WWF

Thank you Matthew C. for making a difference to Americas Wounded Warriors

Thank you John U. and Kem C. - Your partnership with us had double impact!

Thank you Al M. for making an impact to the famiies of America's first responders

Thank you David K. Your partnership will make a big impact.

Kale W. Partnership: Impacting the Lives of Military Families

Celebrating Steve and Mellisa: A True Partner in Land For Heroes' Mission

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